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          China Office




          Floor 12th, No.99 Huaxing Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

          Who we are ?

          okchem.com is a professional B2B platform for chemical business, and also a chemical supply chain committed to providing solutions for the chemical buyers and suppliers all over the world to help them simplify the chemical trade and grow chemical business.

          For Buyers

          We are dedicated to offering a wide range of excellent quality products from top-quality chemical suppliers around the globe, and providing one-stop solutions from sourcing, payment, to delivery in order to help them make wise decisions in overseas procurement , which are cost-effective and time-saving.

          For Suppliers

          okchem.com can help suppliers reach the buyer crowd overseas, and offers a series of featured online to offline marketing solutions to help them access to more business opportunities and increase sales.

          Now, millions of buyers and more than 30,000 suppliers from more than 150 countries and regions are doing business on okchem.com. And each of them are valued here, for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction has been and will always be the major force driving us forward.

          OKCHEM Philosophy

          Customer Centricity

          Our commitment is demonstrated daily in our efforts to serve our customers with high quality products and services, which are tailored to the customers’ wants, designed to meet their requirements, and delivered to meet their expectations.

          Quality Responsibility

          We continuously strive to make sure that all our solutions are always to-the-point and cost-effective. This is how we win trust from our customers and partners. And the trust by them also means great responsibility. Responsibility towards our buyers, our suppliers, and our employees.

          Innovation Respect for Individuals

          Our employees who are fulfilling the customers’ requirements with their expertise, reliability and inventive spirit are the major driving force behind our success. We value all their efforts and respect each one of them for the contributions they’ve made.

          Why okchem.com ?

          Expertise in Chemical Trade

          The founders of okchem.com have been working in chemical trade for over two decades. With the in-depth knowledge about this field, we are able to provide a full package of expertise solutions to the chemical buyers and sellers in their international business.

          Expertise in Localized Marketing

          Customer need is always our first priority. Our offices in the local market give us close proximity to our customers worldwide. With our 14 overseas branches at present, we can offer our entire expertise and customized solutions matched to relevant local requirements.

          Expertise in Global Networking

          As a bridge connecting the buyers and suppliers around the globe, we are expanding our channels online and offline to better bond the two parties and match the best solutions to each one of our customers through our global networking.